RIVIR is accelerating the flow of trusted product data throughout the retail ecosystem; taking products on a journey from conception to shelf

Why was RIVIR created?

RIVIR was developed by a team of experienced experts from across the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry who came together to solve for the complexities of bringing new and existing products to market. By identifying areas of opportunity from across their individual verticals, RIVIR responds to the complex evolving digital needs in the changing virtual environment. We believed a more efficient and connected platform could exist where retailers, suppliers and manufacturers can go on a journey of product discovery, but also where necessary business services such as category reviews could be implemented virtually, and where retailers and suppliers can meet and have immediate shared access to documents and product information. In simple terms, RIVIR is the revolutionary new platform changing the way the CPG industry does business.

What is RIVIR?

RIVIR is the new members only digitally advanced secure platform combining multiple applications into a single source including our Product Information Management (PIM) and Data Asset Management (DAM) optimizing efficiencies by populating digital assets once to be utilized across retailers and where new item set up forms, pre-populated with specs, can instantly set up new items across multiple retailers and distributed through RIVIR’s GDSN. Questions between members can easily be fielded with our direct messaging feature and webinars can be hosted with our in-platform video hosting services.

Join us on the RIVIR

From product concept ideation to customer acquisition, RIVIR is your new community that makes selling products in the digital age a whole lot easier. Our suite of business enablement tools solves manufacturer challenges and meets the needs of retailers. Contact us to schedule your demo today.