RIVIR...Expanding the flow of product data

RIVIR is accelerating the flow of trusted product data throughout the retail ecosystem; taking products on a journey from discovery to shelf.


What suppliers are facing

Dysfunctional Data

Our industry’s data is inaccurate, incomplete, and not standardized. We streamline product data and management, image capture and syndication.

Single Source of Truth

RIVIR solves the problem of having lots of data in many places – bringing all product and content data into one platform.

Speed to Shelf

New item setup and forms are a challenge and leave manufacturers with wasted time and opportunity for errors. RIVIR streamlines the pain of setting up new items through automation and syndication.

Product Discovery

In today’s crowded supplier landscape RIVIR enables retailers to easily find new products and suppliers.

RIVIR is Your Trusted Single Source Platform For Reliable Product Content

RIVIR features verified GS1 standardized product content to power your operation. Connect RIVIR to your internal content management systems or use our rich and robust data management tools to keep information flowing.

Verified & Standardized Information

Product content is only as reliable as its source. RIVIR features certified and verified data you can rely on.

Professional Photography & Content Origination

RIVIR offers professional GS1 compliant product photography and content creation services.

Integration & Content Sharing

RIVIR makes content sharing painless. Our platform provides a seamless integrative experience, getting your content into the hands of your trading partners either via GDSN or through our extensive connected retailer network.

Streamlined Product Content & New Item Setup

Whether it is setting up a new item, updating an existing item, or conducting a category review, RIVIR makes product content easy to manage. Stop relying on spreadsheets and forms, let RIVIR deliver your product content seamlessly.

Integrated Product Content Services

Reduce mistakes, delays, and frustration; let RIVIR power your new item setup and existing item maintenance processes.

Product Information & Digital Asset Management

RIVIR features a best-in-class Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to give you absolute control and confidence in your product data and syndication.

Online Supplier Collaboration

Interact with retailers virtually using RIVIR’s powerful online facilitation tools including video, chat, meeting rooms, product discovery, and more.

Enhanced Product Data

Effective omnichannel marketing and eCommerce merchandising require expanded product content – well beyond what is commonly available. Today’s shoppers expect more.

Enriched Product Content

Online shopper expectations are high. RIVIR can create and deliver rich and exciting product content. From romance copy to enhanced below the fold specialized content to amplify SEO, RIVIR can do it.

Unrivaled Product Discovery

RIVIR’s extensive and verified content database makes searching easy and effective.

Expanded Product Assets

We offer omnichannel ready imagery, CGI renders, stylized images and more, along with the metadata needed to support online searches and SEO.

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Downstream Components & Elements of RIVIR

RIVIR is designed to be an engaging support platform enabling collaboration, syndication and purposeful efficiency.
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