Selling your product in the digital age

just got easier.

RIVIR is the platform that enables you to move products to market and interface with retailers in a continuous stream.

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The Manufacturer Challenge

Brand Managers are charged with achieving profit targets. This requires speed to shelf, effective brand messaging, and removal of duplicated efforts. RIVIR is the new, comprehensive solution purpose-built for these challenges.

RIVIR addresses these challenges:

  • Find product information to reduce the litany of requests manufacturers and brands constantly receive
  • Streamline the difficult process for new item form completion across retailers
  • Manage product updates to eliminate outdated information being used
  • Gain control to effectively communicate the brand’s selling proposition
  • Visibility to retail community through brand exposure
  • Instantly message and virtually meet in private conversations

The Retailer Need

Teams across Retailer organizations need trusted product and supplier information to drive sales. With RIVIR, Retailers can increase speed to shelf with the right information, right when it’s needed. Our platform offers virtual connections with Manufacturers, ensuring the most up-to-date product information.

Retailers are asking:

  • How do I conduct category and line reviews more efficiently and effectively?
  • How do I equip team members with the information needed for faster decision making and reduce the number of systems used?
  • How to identify and source the right products?
  • How to evaluate a supplier’s ability to meet the need?
  • How to setup new items quickly?
  • How can I get more visibility and access to suppliers and products easily?
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IX-ONE product content seamlessly populates your RIVIR profile; expanding opportunities for discoverability & allowing non- IX-ONE retailers to access supplier content in a new way



Rest assured that your RIVIR community has been fully vetted and content is shared within a secure environment


Events & Programs

Host category and line reviews for an organized and seamless experience.


Manufacturer Profiles

Reach more potential buyers with product exposure using member’s showcase and enhanced product detail pages.


Meeting Management

Network and collaborate using instant chat and video connection.


Product Discovery

Search our extensive product data by creating queries to filter by certification, ingredients, marketing claims and more.

Through a suite of business enablement tools, RIVIR solves manufacturer challenges and meets the needs of retailers.

Discover the new platform connecting manufacturers with retailers. Contact us today to learn more.

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